What is it

You’re a musician (or label), interested in reviews for your recent/upcoming works in international mass media or by prominent bloggers, or radio hosts, or podcasters. In short, in sharing your work with opinion makers and influencers of all sorts.

You subscribe to our service, and we make a lot of emails to at least 300 (and up t0 1600+) recipients, convincing them to consider your work. For each of the sent emails, we follow them up on a regular basis. We provide them with a link to digital release and all the info. When someone of them works with the physical CDs only, we first feed them the stream preview and then, if they’re interested, we pass you their inquiry to get a physical CD: you maked decision to send it or not by yourself.

So, we save you a lot of time and improve the efficiency of the work by using our hand-picked database of contacts (yes, we have an actual SQL database which runs a lot of scripts!) and by investing our skills and disciplined efforts. Each of our emails will be personal and hand-written: no automated spam.


  • basic package, covered by the standard fee
    • Emailing with a precise targeting: at least 300 emails/contacts in not more than 6 weeks, to recipients worldwide, plus follow-ups to all sent emails. You can «tune» your needs and narrow the possible recipients, by just simply describing your priorities. E.g. «I want audio podcasts at the first place», or «I need independent bloggers rather than pompous official press», or «I need some coverage from exactly Japan»: you name it. We use our filters to existing contacts, and we look for new ones according to your request even if still haven’t enough of them.
    • Broadcasting rather than reviewing: as our database includes a lot of radio stations of all sorts, we can make emphasis on getting your music on air (or streaming) rather than look for writers. You decide.
    • Self internet service: we provide you with all possibilities (known to us) to submit your album for reviews by registration on some media’s websites, uploading your stuff to their specific databases and so on. We can’t do it for you (as it requires explicit agreement to share the copyrighted material etc.) but we can share the ways to do it.
    • Mass initial CDs postage: likewise, we provide you with the list of possible recipients who are interested in submitted physical CDs by default and can be contacted with no extra asking. You’ll have a list with comments about each destination, and it’s up to you to decide who’ll be served and when you’ll make the postages, if any.
    • Extras & bonuses post factum: when your «package» is already done and paid, we can mark some of the recipients of our list inactive (e.g. they never responded after few weeks of trying); in this case, we recalculate the number of contacts done for you, and as it turns smaller now, we grant you some more contacts to be tried with no extra payment. In short, we’ll proceed with your album till we’re sure all requested X contacts were worthy to count.
  • can be provided for the extra fee
    • Writing texts: we can hire the skilled and decent authors to write reviews on your works. We know good places which will publish the reviews as far as they don’t have to pay authors themselves. This service is free of charge in terms of our commission, but surely you should pay the authors. The rates differ from 10 to over 100+ EUR per one review and depend on a certain person’s level, country, selected platform etc. All basic languages are discussable. This is NOT about paying to get good review: it’s about paying for someone’s work and skills on analysing your music according to his/her real impressions.
    • Paid publications: we have a list of resources (online and offline) which create and publish reviews exclusively on the basis of being paid. Depending on certain media the rates can differ quite seriously (so far 50 to 400 EUR per review). Same here, it’s NOT about getting guaranteed positive review because you’ve paid.
    • Posting for you: we can do a physical work and post your CDs to recipients who asked for real CDs. Of course that costs money for both work and postage itself, and means you have to send CDs to us in the first place, so we recommend that option only to rich lazy people.


We work for jazz and world music now, with different specialists in each area assigned respectively, plus sub-genres We reckon our service is useful for any stylistic request as far as we’re not speaking pure commercial music.

Some figures

Minimal «work unit» is 70 EUR and will be executed during 6 weeks, at most (maybe faster). For that, you’ll have a service for a single release (single, album, video-clip) with minimum 7 emails daily, which means 300 emails to be sent to existing, alive & active recipients (targeted to your certain request, as described above), and all of them followed up to be sure a recipient is positive or negative; for each of positive reactions, we provide a link to digital release or CD postage, and we keep an eye on the outcome and let you know of a final publication.

By saying «minimum», we grant additional emails caused by both follow-ups to the recipients out of your subscription period and extra efforts we add to grow up the database. That means that instead of promised 300 emails our clients can get e.g. over 350 in the same period, if they’re lucky.

If you want more, here we are:

  • basic unit: 70 EUR / 300 contacts / month at most
  • each additional 100 contacts: +20 EUR

So, asking for 400 contacts you pay 90 EUR, asking for 500 contacts you pay 110 EUR and so on.

Our activities cover (so far)

  • clients (musicians and labels) from: Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA
  • recipients from 88 countries, plus international blogs/podcasts
  • reviews/radioplays at: international internet blogs & radios (with no certain country to belong to) and Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA


If you’re interested, please email us at and we’ll write you back with questions, instructions and all the info to proceed. Service manager is Iouri Lnogradski, Russian jazz/fusion journalist and promoter.

Some result examples

We keep them at the separate page as there are quite many even in the «selected» set.

Some of our clients

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