Welcome to XI MuzEnergo Festival!

Jazz, fusion, world music and reggae from all over the world.

July 16, 2011. The Institute (Old) Part of the town, the Molodyozhnaya Polyana (i.e., «youth lawn») and the Volga esplanade.

14:00 Marching drum orchestra parade Admission free

15:00 — 21:30 Main stage. Admission free!
Ori Dakari Quartet (Israel), Yury Schetkin & BrushUp! (Moscow, Russia), Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers (Indonesia), Oleg Pissarenko Band (Estonia), Arkady Schilkloper Trio feat. special guest Arkady FreeMan Kirichenko (Germany/Russia), Imperial Tiger Orchestra (Switzerland)

15:30 — 20:30 Reggae stage. Admission free!
Marakatu (Moscow, Russia), Jaya (Vologda, Russia), Bert Bebertos (Kazan, Russia), Dub Division (Moscow, Russia), Selfplayers (Moscow, Russia)
21:30 — 00:30 Jam session on a river boat. 2000 RUR

Feel free to swim in the Volga river, bring your own food and drinks, have dinner at the festival cafe, bookcross, take part in a chess match, buy souvenirs and handmade stuff, get a handicraft master class.

Questions? Call +7(915) 041-25-09 (English/Russian)

Here’s the link to the festival map

Dubna Town

The festival historical center and hometown, Dubna, is not the only festival’s place today, but it still plays the key part: its’ a starting point in spreading the artists’ music over the rest of festival cities.Dubna is located in Moscow region (120 kms north from Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation; see the Google Maps)

In the town of Dubna there are…

  • richest culture traditions developed by one of the first democratic communities in the former Soviet Union
  • unique location ang ground environment: the great Volga’s and Dubna’s rivers and the channel named after Moscow confluence
  • an exclusive economic zone (one of 15 in whole Russia)
  • Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (founded by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan & Vietnam)
  • 65.000 population
  • State University and 5 branches of higher educational institutes

Festival History

Project includes a 3-times-per-year international festival (several concert days each time), monthly big-venue solo concerts, discussion meetings, newspaper series of publications etc.


jazz, world music, ethnics, avant-gardes, electronics, fusion… whatever.

Participants geography (first 8 festivals):

22 foreign countries — USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Spain, Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Lithuania, Ireland, Turkey, Iceland. 24 Russian cities — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Samara, Kaluga, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Ufa, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Seversk, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinburg, Khimki, Murom, Dubna, Bryansk, Electrostal, Vladimir.


(#1) «MuzEnergo».
September 15-16, 2007, Dubna
(#2) «MuzEnergo. Second derivation».
February 23-25, 2008, Dubna, Moscow
(#3) «MuzEnergo. 3D».
August 9, 2008, Dubna (open air, admission free)
(#4) «MuzEnergo. 4/4».
November 14-23, 2008, Dubna, Moscow
(#5) «MuzEnergo. Fifth Leg».
March 14-29, 2009, Dubna, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Tikhvin
(#6) «MuzEnergo. Sixth Sense».
July 18, 2009, Dubna (open air, admission free)
(#7) «MuzEnergo. Check it seven times before make it».
November 20-29, 2009, Dubna, Moscow, Kimry, Kaluga
(#8) «MuzEnergo. Eights miracle».
March 9-21, 2010, Dubna, Moscow, Kimry, Tver, St. Petersburg, Electrostal, Kaliningrad, Voronezh
(#9) «MuzEnergo».
July 17, 2010. Dubna (open air, admission free), Moscow
(#10) «MuzEnergo».
November 25 — December 5, 2010. Dubna, Moscow, Electrostal, Kimry, Tver, Kaliningrad, Dzerzhinsk

Co-producers, partners & sponsors of early festivals:

  • The science town of Dubna’s Administration
  • The town of Kimry’s Administration
  • Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Azerbaijan
  • Embassy of Canada in Russian Federation
  • Embassy of Israel in Russian Federation
  • Embassy of Spain in Russian Federation
  • Embassy of Switzerland in Russian Federation
  • General Consulat of Lithuania in St. Petersburg
  • Polish Cultural Center in Moscow
  • Spedidam
  • AIE
  • Adami
  • VesnaHaus
  • NEC Display Solutions
  • Kostroma’s State Philharmonic
  • KokawaJazz production centre (Ukraine)
  • AzEuroTel Communications (Azerbaijan)
  • Joint Institute of Nuclear Research
  • PowerCom Co., Ltd. (Russian office)
  • Real IT analytic centre (Moscow)
  • Mapex
  • Luxor
  • Granini
  • BCD Records (Poland)
  • MoonJune Records (USA)
  • DoDj (Ukraine)
  • ArtMania (Moscow)


  • Foreign media: BBC, WDR, AllAboutJazz.Com, «Russia Today» and «Azerbaijan TV» television companies, «Baku» magazine, «Azerbaijan News» newspaper, Ukrainian National Jazz Web-Portal
  • Federal and Moscow media: TVC, State Broadcast Company, «Culture» radio, «Russian State Newspaper», «Trud», «News Time», «Moscow News», «Where Moscow», «Vedomosti», «Profile», TV7, «Jazz.Ru», «Big City», «InRock», «Cultpohod», «Zvuki.Ru», «Gazeta», «Italia», «Smena», «Regiony Rossii»
  • Regional media: «Podmoskovie» and «Kostroma» television companies, «Baikalskie vesti» newspaper
  • Local media